Reviewing Fall Ball at Connors State College

Connors State’s baseball and softball teams fall seasons have proven to be successful according to head baseball coach Perry Keith and head softball coach Rick Carbone.

Both coaches agree that it’s not how many wins or loses they achieve during the fall season, but have the squads developed chemistry and shown improvement.

“These games in the fall are considered scrimmages,” said Perry. “We just try to develop skills and seek improvement for the upcoming spring season.

“We are showing we have the ability to the baseball and we think we’ll have a pretty good defensive club. We brought in some good freshman ball players and our pitching will be better,” said Keith.

Keith feels like his club is a lot deeper in pitching and position wise the Cowboys return most of his squad from a year ago. “We have swung the bat pretty well, but have made big strides on the mound.”

Carbone said the softball team has shown “a great deal of improvement. We play everybody in the fall season to see where we are.

“The record (wins and losses) don’t mean much in the fall. We play good competition to see where we are and to develop chemistry for the spring.

“We look at our kids’ intensity, how they play and how dedicated they are to the team,” said Carbone.

Carbone said Ashley Dunnigan, returns and has been outstanding and indicated that pitcher Jerelyn Long has thrown very well.

The Cowgirls coach said he has an outstanding freshman class. He cited the play of Amanda O’Neal, who has had “an outstanding fall season.”

Other players he mentioned where Kali Romine, Sammy Perry, Whittney Whittmore, Erin Isham, Caitlyn Craig and Rikki Wooten.

“All these kids work very hard and we expect to have good season next spring,” said Carbone.