Student Information and Institutional Policies


Dropping a course (or courses) may occur during the first two- weeks of the semester. Courses dropped during the add/drop period will not be on your transcript.

Withdraw: The date to “withdraw” from a single course depends on the length of the course. Dates are listed above. After the last day to withdraw from a single course, a course may be dropped by permission of the Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs but only when verifiable extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated, such as illness or accidental injury. Poor performance in class is not an extenuating circumstance. After January 24th 2020, you may exercise a “Total Withdrawal” or withdraw from all of your courses with a grade of “W” and will be no longer registered for the current semester. This may occur until the Friday before Finals Week (May 1st, 2018). The withdrawal process is initiated in the Admissions/Registrar’s Office. You are financially responsible for all courses you are registered for after January 24th, 2020.

Absences due to participation in college-sponsored activities or military training are typically excused, but you should always give your instructors as much advanced notice as possible.

Connors State College PRIDE establishes an environment where PREPARATION of curriculum is done with the knowledge that all students bring with them a unique heritage.  RETENTION of students is a key goal and is encouraged by providing a safe, supportive, culturally responsive environment that acknowledges them as a person.  There is INCLUSION of stories, examples, and assignments that reflect many cultures.  DEVELOPMENT of the whole person is accomplished through the use of multiple learning styles.  ENGAGEMENT with local communities is recognized as important and encouraged.


All email communication with your professor should be done through your Connors Email address. Remember to check your email regularly for information from your instructors.



Attendance usually has a very high correlation to performance in the classroom. Talk with your instructor about any absences. Many instructors consider attendance so important that your grade may be affected by absenteeism. SOME INSTRUCTORS HAVE MANDATORY ATTENDANCE POLICIES. Check your course syllabus or ask your instructor for this information.

CSC uses your CONNORSSTATE.EDU email address for correspondence. For assistance, contact the Helpdesk at


By enrolling at Connors State College, you accept responsibility for complying with all College policies and contracts, and for local, state and federal laws on or off-campus that relate to the College’s mission. The Student Handbook explains the standards of behavior expected, the processes in place for enforcing the rules and the College’s response to violations. In general, the College expects you to respect the rights of others and authorities, represent yourself truthfully and accurately at all times, respect private and public property, and take responsibility for your actions and the actions of your guests.



  • Instructor– Talk to your instructor if you have questions regarding a class. Faculty members typically include their office hours and contact information in the course syllabus. If you cannot locate this information, set a time to meet with your instructor by speaking with him/her prior to or immediately after your class session.
  • Academic Advisor– All students will benefit by conferring with an advisor on a regular basis.
  • Student Disability Services – If you think you have a qualified disability and need special accommodations, you should notify the instructor and request verification of eligibility for accommodation from Jody Butler, ADA Coordinator at 918.463.6215 as soon as possible to ensure timely implementation of appropriate accommodations. Faculty has an obligation to respond when they receive officialnotice of a disability, but are under no obligation to provide accommodations prior to verification or to make accommodations retroactive. More information can be found in the ADA Handbook that can be accessed on the CSC Website at
  • Tech Support (Helpdesk): If you have a technical support issue, please send an email to from your Connors email. In your email to Helpdesk, please include: Your name as it appears on class roster; your course number, course title and instructors name; a brief description of the problem or technical issue. Please do not phone IT. If your email (often called a “Work Order”) is not answered within the next business day, email Kevin Isom at from your Connors email.
  • Library: For assistance with the librarians, please visit them at or at ICTC / Port Campus- Monday through Thursday 8a-8:30p and Friday 8a-4:30p. For the Warner Westbrook Library and Learning Center Monday, Thursday, Friday 8a-4:30p; Tuesday, Wednesday 8a-8:30p.



The faculty and staff are very interested in your success here at Connors State College. Don’t wait to seek help if you have a question or concern. We are here to assist you.

Online Complaint Process: In the event you have an issue that you are unable to resolve with your instructor, online students are directed to send an email to Complaints should have the words “Online Complaint” in the subject line. All complaints will be processed in accordance with Connors State College policies and procedures.

Face to Face Class Complaint Process: In the event you have an issue that you are unable to resolve with your instructor, face to face students are directed to contact the division chair for the corresponding department(listed below). If you still feel that there has been no resolution after speaking to the division chair please contact the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (918) 463-6308. All complaints will be processed in accordance with Connors State College policies and procedures.

Business – Rhonda Wilson – (918) 684-5445

Agriculture – Debby Golden – (918) 463-6265

Math/Science/Physical Education – Lynett Rock – (918) 463-6286

Communication and Fine Arts/Developmental Studies – Interim – Lori Palmer – (918) 463-6280

Nursing – Joyce Johnson – (918) 684-5427

Social Sciences – Gary Grady – (918) 463-6349

Syllabus Disclaimer: Information contained in this syllabus is, to the best of the instructor, considered correct and complete when distributed to the student. The instructor reserves the right, acting within policies and procedures for Connors State College, to make necessary changes in course content or instructional techniques without prior notice or obligation to the student.