Kaleidoscope: A Journal of Arts and Letters

In 1990, Pipedreams, what is now known as Kaleidoscope: A Journal of Arts and Letters, was published in the fall semester as a collection of literary works written by CSC students, faculty, and staff. It was edited by Richard Brown and published by the Connors State College English Department and the Hsilgne Club. In 1995, the journal was renamed Gamut; it was not until 2006 that the journal was published under its new and current title, Kaleidoscope. In 2019, publications expanded to include student photography as well as poetry and fiction writing.

Regardless of its name, this journal has stood as a representation of CSC’s love and appreciation of the fine arts and has had the continuous goal of creating a space for which students, faculty, and staff alike can seek publication for their creative efforts.

Kaleidoscope pairs with CSC’s Creative Writing course that is taught in the Fall semesters. During this 16-week course, students practice creating literary short stories and poetry as well as enhancing their knowledge regarding the elements of fiction and poetry.