We’ll Help You Build It!

ConnorsWorks provides the flexible opportunities for individual learners and employers to engage in online learning for workforce development. ConnorsWorks offers two different avenues for learners and employers to gain skills and credentials.  Using the extensive Coursera course catalog, ConnorsWorks delivers professional training that meets workforce needs. Through completing coursework designed for a vast array of current jobs and fields, learners can develop the skills they need to be successful.  In addition to Coursera, ConnorsWorks will be offering  digital credentials through Credly.  These micro-credentials verify and attest that specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved.   Coursera and Credly allow for flexibility so that earners and employers can ensure their learning path is aligned to their unique needs. 

  • Training is available for all levels — whether entry-level training or up-skilling within a current position.
    • Master sought-after skills highly relevant to today’s job market
  • Boost your résumé with specializations that are affordable, high quality, and recognized by top employers.
    • Earn a certificate that makes an impact in just a few months.
  • Flexible learning at your own pace
    • Most ConnorsWorks courses take three to eight months to complete, but are 100% online and may be completed at any time based on your pace and schedule
  • Learn multiple skillsets to meet your unique needs and career path
    • Take many courses simultaneously with access to the entire ConnorsWorks catalogue
  • Receive personalized advising and support
    • The ConnorsWorks team can help guide you on your learning journey