C-Key Login Matrix

Technology Systems Login Matrix
How To Use Your C-Key Credentials For Technology Access

For each system below, you may use the associated username type if that system row is marked “yes.” For instance, E-mail requires you to use your full email address to login while your short C-Key username will not work on that system. However, please note that for E-mail the “OSUusername” option will work as well.

System Username E-mail Address Other
E-mail No Yes OSUusername
Blackboard Yes No N/A
Student Information System (SIS) Yes Yes N/A
Lab and Library Computers Yes Yes N/A
Software Distribution Center Yes Yes N/A
Wi-Fi No Yes N/A
C-Key Yes Yes N/A

NOTE: Your username may vary depending on the system you are accessing; however, always use your C-Key password.