CSC began using Banner during the Fall 2016 semester. This system is much different than our previous ERP system. To help current and new users understand the Banner system, we have provided a few documents for your use:

Banner Student Workflow – This process outlines how each student’s data transitions through Banner and into our various third-party systems. We want this to be an asset for not only our employees so they can better understand the process, but to help our students know how to progress through the system.

Banner Quick Reference Guide – This guide provides an abundance of resources that will assist faculty and staff in finding the data they need and performing job functions.

Access Requests – If you need access to Banner INB forms, please contact the CSC IT Department Helpdesk with the FORM names you wish to have access to and we will work with you and your supervisor to determine exactly what you need access to. Alternatively, if you know what you need, you may use the link to the request form to the left.