CSC Shotgun Sports Win 2023 ACUI HOA Division IV National Championship

Members of the CSC Shooting Team pose with their awards at the 2023 AUCI National Championships on San Antonio, Texas.

(March 19-25) SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting campus community through its programs and services. ACUI has historically offered sports not previously administered by the NJCAA or other organizations. With 50 years of competitive shotgun sports history at ACUI, the program has grown from 200 to 1,000 athletes at the national championship and for years has hosted sectional-like competitions across the country. 

The 2023 ACUI National Championships took place from March 19th through 25th in San Antonio, and the Cowboys came ready to compete. In Div. 4, the team placed 1st in Skeet, Double Skeet, Super Shooting, and 2nd in Sporting Clays, Trap, and Double Trap. These results were good enough to name the team the ACUI Div. 5 National Champions!

Members of the team also earned the following individual accolades:


Open Class – Top 50: Dawson Arnett

Class A – 5th Place: Adam Jones, Top 15: Tommy Thew & Wayne Gleese; Top 50: Trent Downey & Tad Dean


Class A – Top 50: Tad Dean, Wayne Gleese, & Adam Jones

Class B – Top 50: Tommy Thew & Bjorn Genty

Sporting Clays

Class A – Top 15: Budgie Cameron

Class B – Top 50: Wayne Gleese, Adam Jones, Chaney DuBois, & Bjorn Genty

Doubles Skeet

Open Class – Top 50: Braden Chambers

Class A – 5th Place: Trent Downey

Top 50 – Adam Jones and Budgie Cameron

Class B – 5th Place: Tommy Thew; Top 50: Bjorn Genty

Doubles Trap

Class A- Top 15 Adam Jones; Top 50 Wayne Gleese, Tad Dean, Trent Downey, Tommy Thew, & Chaney DuBois

Super Sporting

Class A – Top 15: Trent Downey & Budgie Cameron

Class B – 1st place: Adam Jones; Top 50: Chaney DuBois, Wayne Gleese, & Bjorn Genty

Class C – Top 10: Tad Dean; Top 50: Tommy Thew

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