Connors State Livestock Judging Team Earns Championship Honors

The Connors State College Livestock Judging Team traveled to Denver, CO to compete at the National Western Intercollegiate Livestock and Carload judging contests in mid-January.  The team finished 4th in the Livestock contest.  The contest consists of judging cattle, swine, sheep, and goats.  Team members for that contest included Hattie Anastasio, Blake Davis, Claire Martin, Laine Martin, and Jordan Richburg. Hattie tied for 3rd in swine and was 8th in reasons. Claire was 2nd in sheep/goats and 9th overall. Jordan was 10th in swine and 10th in reasons.

A different group competed in the Carload contest.  The Carload is a unique contest with a lot of tradition.  Rather than just judging 4 animals in a class like the livestock contest, the Carload contest consists of classes made up of judging 4 pens of 4 head of cattle, resulting in judging 16 head per class.  The team for the Carload contest consisted of Lindsay Bowman, Cameron Curry, Olivia Foster, Jessica Miller, and Caleb Russell. Caleb was 3rd overall. Jessica tied for 10th overall.  The team won first place, receiving Championship honors.