America's Favorite Dunk Team is Coming to Connors

Acrodunk is coming to Warner tonight, February 6, 2012! Acrodunk is a premier dunk team that performs acrobatic slam dunk shows at NBA and college halftimes, corporate events, school assemblies, festivals and fairs.  Members of ACRODUNK are professional dunkers that have an experienced background in men’s gymnastics, athletics, former Harlem Globetrotters, and professional dancing, choreographing and acting. They have also appeared on America’s Got Talent!  Dr. Tim Faltyn, President of Connors State College said, “Acrodunk is just one of the many exciting events we are holding this year for our students and the community members. It’s important that our students have the full college experience during their time at Connors. We want to provide them with an abundance of student activities, as well as a positive classroom experience. We encourage the entire community to come out and enjoy an evening with the Connors State Cowboys and to see all the progressive work that we are doing here.

The Cowgirls and Cowboys will be facing Redlands with a start time of 6:00 pm! The Acrodunk performance will be held during the men’s halftime, with our $20k Giveaway contest being held during the women’s halftime. Connors State College invites all CSC students and surrounding community members to come witness ACRODUNK! ACRODUNK is no extra charge aside from regular game admission. Visit here for a preview of what will soon be near you in Warner at Connors State College.