Connors State Continues Providing High School Juniors & Seniors with Tuition-Free Options

Connors State takes pride in its ability to provide affordable education to their students. One way CSC can help students earn affordable degrees is with concurrent enrollment. Not only does this provide students with the ability to save money on college, it also lets them finish high school with many college credit hours completed, helping them earn their degrees faster. 

This year, high school seniors are eligible to receive up eighteen hours of tuition waived. Students who take advantage of the program, immediately following their junior year, can graduate from high school saving an estimate of close to $3,000. For the third year in the row, juniors will continue to receive up to nine hours of college tuition covered.

All concurrent students must have a signed statement from the high school principal or counselor stating that they are eligible to satisfy requirements for graduation from high school (including curricular requirements for college admission) no later than the spring of the senior year and must also provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian. A high school student may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester not to exceed a full-time college workload of 19 semester credit hours. For purposes of calculating workload, one-half high school unit is equivalent to three semester credit hours of college work.

Also, concurrent students may not enroll in remedial (zero-level) course work offered by colleges and universities designed to remove high school deficiencies, including co-requisite support courses.

Concurrent students may attend courses on Connors’ campus, online, or virtually at their own high school (select locations by arrangement). If the student meets the academic requirements, a portion of their tuition is waived. Juniors are eligible for a maximum of nine credit hours of tuition waived and seniors are eligible for a maximum of eighteen credit hours of tuition waived for the academic year. Students are responsible for course fees and textbooks. The program not only helps students get ahead on their college credits, it potentially saves thousands of dollars. If you are interested in learning more about the concurrent enrollment program at Connors State College, visit or contact To learn more about concurrent enrollment across Oklahoma, visit