Mission Statement


The mission of the President’s Leadership Class (PLC) is to develop extraordinary leaders.

PLC accomplishes its mission by inviting the most outstanding undergraduate students and providing them with academic and real-life experiences that:

  • Refine the habits that leaders need to be innovative, strategic, and service-oriented
  • Implant a deep knowledge of leadership theory, practice, and the contexts in which leaders operate
  • Sharpen the skills necessary to solve problems and lead effectively in a variety of situations

Note: The Dictionary defines extraordinary as 1: “going beyond what is usual, regular or customary” and 2. “highly exceptional; remarkable.”

We believe that:

  • Characteristics and skills of leaders can be developed or enhanced through practice and preparation
  • Leadership training should develop both character and intellectual competence
  • People are creative, love to learn, and thrive in a supportive community
  • Challenges of leadership exist on a number of levels: personal and organizational; and community, state, national, and global

To cultivate leaders who are prepared to serve the vital need, PLC provides a variety of academic and experiential opportunities that prepare students to:

  • UNDERSTAND complex situations
  • SET innovative strategies
  • EXECUTE strategies with effectiveness and integrity

PLC provides these opportunities by uniting the support of college, local and statewide leaders. In all we do, we operate as a “leadership laboratory” where all students, staff, faculty and volunteers model and practice the skills and virtues that PLC cultivates.