OSU Board of Regent Chairman Visits Connors

After a year of hard work and many improvements on campus it was time for Connors State College to show OSU A&M Board of Regents Chairman, Andy Lester all the work that has been done and the opportunity to share the vision for the future. “Having a Chairman on campus is a very exciting honor and one that I don’t believe we’ve been blessed with for some time. He will be touring all of our campuses and meeting with various groups of students, faculty, staff and community members,” commented President of Connors State College, Dr. Tim Faltyn.

Regent Lester was accompanied by OSU A&M Board of Regents CEO, Jason Ramsey and the Director of State Governmental Relations, Jessica Russel. During Lester’s time with the Strategic Planning Council he addressed issues on the new funding formula, as well as the purpose for the OSU A&M Board of Regents in relation to Connors and the other 4 OSU A&M institutions.  Director of Farm Operations, Blake Nelson said, “It was very impressed with Regent Lester, he definitely understands what Connors mission is and where we fit in within the OSU system. He not only supports us as an institution, but he understands the importance of higher education and that is definitely someone I want governing our college.” There are 16 Board of Regents in the State of Oklahoma and this particular board considers itself to be a working board. “Each member spends approximately 20 hours a week with work related to the board. Board members are volunteers and have the honor of being appointed by the Governor of Oklahoma. Being a working board probably has something to do with our agricultural background, we start our board meetings at 7 am,” said Regent Lester. The board members meet eight times a year and this gives the presidents opportunities to have discussions over college matters and to touch base on the needs for their specific institution.

Regent Lester had the opportunity to have lunch with student leaders on campus.

The Regent also had the opportunity to gather and eat lunch with students from the Presidents Leadership Class and the Student Government Association. SGA President, Lynsey Meharg commented that, “As a member of both Student Government and PLC it was a great opportunity to meet some of the leadership of the OSU A&M Board and speak with him about the details of his life, position on the board and how he achieved the success he has had. It was awesome to have someone like Chairman Lester visit our school and its student leadership groups!” Regent Lester told community leaders later on in the day that, “Besides holding Max (Faltyn), visiting with the students was my favorite part of the day. After having short discussions with the students, it is evident why we work so hard each day, it is all for the students and having a hand in their success.”

Regent Lester’s last stop of the day consisted of a community reception which included a welcome from Muskogee Mayor, Bob Coburn and was attended by area school and tech center superintendents, mayors, councilmen, and other key community leaders. Lester took the time to thank everyone there for what they do to support Connors State College and how vital each role of the community is to making the college successful. He also had nothing but great things to say about the direction of the college, “The Warner campus looks beautiful, the Port Campus looks beautiful, and this campus (Muskogee West) is remarkable and the joint partnership with NSU is something that is unique and great for the students.”

The entire OSU A&M Board of Regents will return to Connors State College in late October for a board meeting.


Community leaders attended a reception in honor of Regent Lester’s visit to campus.