CSC Hosts Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Speak-out

The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. On Monday, October 22, Connors State College hosted a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Speak-out on the Warner campus. This event was attended by over 225 students.

“The ceremony was good for students to see the diversity of people that domestic violence and sexual assault affect,” said Emma Long, a CSC Freshman. “I am proud Connors hosts an event such as this to show support to the victims and those affected by these terrible crimes.
Emma said she believes that the speak-out left a meaningful impact on students. She said her among other students left the ceremony with a better understanding of this cause.

Domestic violence specialists, staff, counselors, coaches, local pastors and survivors addressed those in attendance. The event ended with a candle light vigil in remembrance of the survivors as well as those who have lost their lives due to domestic violence or sexual assault.

Megan Page, a CSC freshman, said, “When Connors hosts events such as the Speak-out, it shows that they care about the students and the staff here at the college. There will always be someone on campus that we can talk to if we need advice, guidance or a friendly reminder that someone is looking out for us.”

Long said listening to the panel speak about their experiences with domestic violence at the ceremony made the cause become more of a reality.

“I did not realize what people actually go through when they are put in terrible situations such as being sexually assaulted. I now have a better understanding of their situations and will make more of an effort to spread awareness for speaking out.”