Connors State Helps Make Muskogee Regional Science Fair A Success

Science Fair Scholarship Winners

The 50th annual Muskogee Regional Science Fair was held on March 1st. Connors State College not only attended the event as a corporate sponsor, but also had a hand in making sure the day was a success.

Connors State provided pre-planning and organizing assistance and made up nearly half of the judges, providing a wide variety of valued expertise.

“Our faculty, staff, and students were as knowledgeable and professional as any of the judges,” said Dr. Stuart Woods, title. “I am proud to be associated with them all.”

The Science Fair had more than 270 area students presenting exhibits and ideas.

“Many of the exhibits were very interesting,” said woods. “We saw a drone which could be used to evaluate moisture needs for agricultural croplands; bamboo clothing and surgical dressings making use of their natural antimicrobial qualities; using refracted laser light shining on solar cells to produce electricity; a noninvasive, natural control for webworms and so much more.”