CSC President Goes Undercover

Just like the highly popular television program Undercover Boss, Connors State College’s newly appointed President Dr. Tim Faltyn, went undercover to see what was needed at CSC and get a perspective on the students needs on the Warner campus.

Dr. Faltyn, who took over as CSC’s President on July 1 has been going at warp speed to meet the needs of the students, faculty and to upgrade the facilities on the Warner campus.

However, his first task was to find out what those needs and wants where from the students perspective.

“When I was named president of Connors students sought me out about some things that could be improved,” said Dr. Faltyn. “A lot of that list had to do with campus life and the dorms specifically.

“My wife (Kelly) and I were moving from another city and in coming here, she wasn’t able to be here right away. Since I was focused on the campus we thought it would be a good idea if I just moved into the dorms and experience it for myself.”

Dr. Faltyn has found the move into the dorm (Millers Crossing) fun, exciting and interesting.

“The list that they (students) gave me was right on a lot of things. It’s been a fun and exciting time. I found out college students don’t sleep as much as I would like too.

“Its been really good for me to interact with the students and be in the dorms and experience life from their perspective.  The dorm I stayed in is much nicer than the dorms I stayed in as a college student. But, there are things we can do to really help the student experience.

”There things we can do that won’t cost us a lot of money. But it will really help their quality of life while they are on campus.”

Dr. Faltyn said there are plans to improve McClarren Hall, such as windows, flooring and showers before the incoming freshman class arrives in August.

“This is home for the students, particularly the freshman and we want this to be a positive experience,” said Dr. Faltyn.

One of the priorities for the president is bringing events to all the campuses. While living in the dorms students told him they would like to have more activities to attend on both the Warner and Muskogee campuses.

“I am really excited about the fact that we’re going to quadruple the amount of student activities we have,” said Dr. Faltyn. “We are going to do some really cool things, such as a concert series.

“We are also going to do things that are educationally based and some that are entertainment based. I just think it’s a simple law of humanity. If you give people positive things to do they are going to be a lot better than left to their own devices and be bored. That’s when you are going to have behavioral problems.”

Dr. Faltyn feels it’s the responsibility of the college to make every aspect of campus life positive and treat the entire campus as a learning environment, not just in the classroom.

“When students are in the dorms, cafeteria, at a basketball game or rodeo, anything on campus we need to take that opportunity for it to be a learning moment.

“We have to meet them were they are and to engage them. A positive activity environment helps them to be a better student and helps us to be a better college.

“One of the things I love about working on a college campus is the students and the energy. What we want to do is channel all that energy into a positive direction. If that means bringing in a band with a positive message we’re going to do that.

“If that means taking them to NBA games or bringing a comedian to campus with a positive message we can craft that.  We can make it a lot more positive than if they are just sitting alone in their dorm.”

Another part of the plan is more community involvement with Warner, and the public school system with CSC students.

CSC is planning the sponsorship of a haunted house for area residents designed by the students during holiday season.

“We want to create as many opportunities where we can infuse community service into the experience that the students are having,” said Dr. Faltyn. “We want our students involved in helping the community. If they start now they will do it the rest of their lives.

“We want the community to know we are a resource for them. Also this is a positive and educational experience for our students.

“The future of Connors State College is bright. We have a lot of people dedicated to the success of the students. Think of it as a three-part process. You have to have the resources, the facilities and you have to have people to really be a great college.

“We have great people. We are going to start doing things to make our facilities just as great as our people. I believe the resources will follow.

“One of my favorite quotes is when your house is in order the blessings will flow. Right now we are putting a lot of positive things in place, so that that the blessings can flow,” said Dr. Faltyn.