COVID-19 Spring 2021 Course Delivery

After careful consideration for the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff, a comprehensive redesign of the Fall course schedule has been completed. Connors will offer Face-to-Face, Online Live, HyFlex, Hybrid, and fully Online delivery options for the fall 2020 semester. Courses will be labeled in Banner for students to be aware of the format they are choosing for instruction delivery.

Spring 2021 Course Instructional Options

  • Online: Content is delivered exclusively via Canvas and/or other resources as indicated by the instructor. With no scheduled full-class meetings, this instructional method is asynchronous so you determine when you will work on your class prior to deadlines established by your instructor.
  • Online Live: Online “web-conference style” courses meet at a scheduled time, and students are expected to be present online, live at the scheduled time. Banner will reflect the scheduled time for the class meetings so students can plan their schedule accordingly. Classrooms are available for faculty and students to utilize for class meetings.
  • HyFlex: This option allows some students to meet face-to-face while accommodating others who are participating in a “web-conference style” at the scheduled time.
    • Instructor and student will work together to select the instructional method of delivery.
  • Hybrid: This option is part online, part on-campus with scheduled face-to-face times and following social distancing guidelines established on campus. This option requires that the student be on campus for at least part of the class meetings with the remainder of the work completed online.
    • Instructor will notify student what day they will be scheduled to attend face-to-face.
  • Face-to-Face: This traditional format has in-person classes held at specific times following physical space guidelines on campus.
    • Instructor will notify student what day(s) they will be attending face-to-face.

The delivery method can be identified in Banner on their student schedule under the Campus heading.

If students are self-registering, the delivery method is identified in Banner in the CMP (Campus) column utilizing the following abbreviations:

  • Online – ONL
  • Online Live – MOL or WOL
  • HyFlex – MFX or WFX
  • Hybrid – MHB or WHB
  • Face-to-Face – MFF or WFF
  • (Any abbreviation beginning with M is delivered on the Muskogee Campus or W for Warner Campus.)

If students believe that the updated instructional method is not the best fit, they may adjust their schedule on Banner or contact their academic advisor for assistance. Academic advisors can be contacted via their emails, through the Advising link found on the Student Resources page (, or by clicking here.


Connors is currently evaluating all rooms to determine the number of students allowed based on guidelines from the Center of Disease Control and the Oklahoma Department of Health. The following protocols have been established for both Connors’ campuses:

  • Social distancing may reduce the capacity of students in certain classes. Therefore, course delivery has been adjusted for these situations.
  • Face coverings are required in classrooms and labs.
  • Assigned seating will be required in all face-to-face and hybrid classes so that effective tracing of positive cases can be accomplished.
  • Students should follow social distancing guidelines in the classrooms.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available in all classrooms and students are encouraged to disinfect their own areas and computer equipment before class begins.
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected on an enhanced schedule.
  • As we continue to work through this redesign, class schedules (room assignments) may be changed.
  • Class schedules will be posted outside each classroom.

For more information and how to enroll, visit