COVID-19 Update from the Office of the President

Coronavirus Update

August, 2021


Connors State College is gearing up for the August 16th start to the fall 2021 semester. As we continue to follow recommendations from the CDC, the Oklahoma Department of Health, and local health experts, we feel confident to start the semester in a safe manner and as normally as possible. While many of the virtual options for instruction that have been employed the past 16 months will remain, we know that all students do not thrive in this environment. Therefore, we fully intend to offer as many in-person opportunities as possible, while keeping an eye on the safety and health of everyone in the Connors Community. Making sure we are able to provide well-rounded educational opportunities for all of our students will require a team effort.


  • While there are plenty of reasons to get vaccinated, Connors State College will not require vaccinations for students and employees. However, it should be noted that CDC guidelines outline different requirements for unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people in terms of contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine measures. Furthermore, students in specific programs that include internships or clinical rotations may be required to comply with the requirements of the cooperating organization to complete their program successfully.
  • While wearing a mask will continue to be strongly encouraged in areas where it is difficult to maintain social distancing, masks will not be required at this time. We ask that all be respectful of each other as we continue to navigate ongoing developments of the pandemic.
  • Please continue to observe other precautions, such as handwashing, social distancing, and staying home if you feel ill.
  • We strongly encourage any student or potential student who has concerns about their class schedule to reach out to Academic Affairs. We will continue to do our best to make accommodations if possible. The direct telephone number is 918.463.6308 or email .
  • For a successful semester, we encourage students to communicate regularly with their instructors about their courses and utilize the college’s available resources. Connors State College wants all students to be successful in their coursework and has resources to assist students with advising, enrollment, and financial aid.
  • Faculty, staff, and students can find the college’s latest updates regarding the pandemic on the website: .


With numbers on the rise for the Delta variant, Connors State College is monitoring the pandemic closely and will keep the campus updated. We advise everyone to be aware that changes to the fall plans could be needed. Following health protocols and recommendations as they develop, we will be prepared for remote learning, course flexibility, and schedules changes if needed. With the knowledge and experience we gained last year about working, teaching, and learning in the pandemic, we are prepared to utilize the safety measures we have used before if needed for the safety of the Connors community. We ask everyone to be understanding and accommodating this semester as we navigate the fluid state of the pandemic. Although there are unknown factors this fall, we will work together to support one another and learn from each other.