Connors State Community Celebrates Release of Robbie Robertson’s Book, The Seven Anomaly

Robbie Robertson
Robbie reads to students at CSC

In the face of adversity and change, people often find unique and unexpected ways to express themselves and chase their dreams. One such inspiring story is that of Robert Robinson, who, under the pen name Robert Devon, transformed his life during the COVID-19 pandemic by venturing into the world of writing. Despite working full-time in maintenance and custodial services for C&W, Robbie embarked on a remarkable journey to become an author. 

Robbie Robinson, a Wagoner, Oklahoma native, is a loving husband to his wife Tia, and father of 9 to his children Nicole, Adriannannah, Dewantez, Anyayzia, Robert Jr, Orlandis, Jae’von, Tianna, Jordan. Robbie has a passion for sports, Star Wars, Sci-fi, and comics. Like many people, he found his daily life transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdowns and restrictions that accompanied the pandemic made Robbie realize that he needed to find a new way to spend his time, considering his outgoing and social nature. With YouTube as his initial escape, he stumbled upon a video that would change the course of his life. Robbie came across a video featuring a list of the ten best ways to make passive income. The video emphasized the idea that writing a book could be a one-time effort with the potential for endless rewards. This concept struck a chord with Robbie, who saw it as a brilliant way to channel his creativity and fill the void left by the pandemic’s restrictions.

Inspired by this newfound purpose, Robbie began writing his first book, “The Seven Anomaly.” His journey as an author began with a unique perspective. Halfway through the writing process, he faced writer’s block. However, rather than giving up, this challenge became the catalyst for his creative expansion. As he struggled to overcome writer’s block on his first book, he envisioned an even grander story for a second one.

To preserve his ideas, Robbie was determined to finish his first book before embarking on the second. It was this commitment that helped him break through the creative barriers, ultimately leading to the completion of his debut work. His dedication paid off when he submitted the manuscript to five different companies, and all five accepted it for publication.

“The Seven Anomaly” takes readers on a journey into a dystopian world set a hundred years in the future. The story revolves around a 17-year-old boy who awakens from cryostasis to discover that he must assemble a team to save Earth from various rogue entities, including cyborgs, androids, and humanoid beings known as the Brood. Robbie’s debut novel promises an action-packed adventure that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

His goal for “The Seven Anomaly” extends beyond the pages of his book. Robbie envisions his work becoming a household name, possibly even a TV show or movie. The dream of seeing his story come to life on the big screen motivates him to continue his creative endeavors. In a world where many feel constrained by their jobs and routines, Robbie’s determination to explore new horizons serves as a beacon of hope. His journey encourages individuals to take that leap of faith and explore their untapped potential.