Commencement 2012

Commencement 2012

Our 103rd Graduating Class


Congratulations to our graduating sophomores!

Connors State College’s Spring 2012 Commencement ceremony will be held at the Muskogee Civic Center, downtown Muskogee, 5th and Boston Streets, Friday, May 11, 2012 at 7:00 in the evening. The ceremony will celebrate the academic accomplishments of our December graduates and our May and summer candidates for graduation. The processional will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. with the program immediately following, along with a reception for our graduates, guests, families and friends in the foyer.


Due to the size of our venue, tickets are not required for the ceremony. Seating for handicapped individuals is available. Contact the Admissions Office.


Family and guests will be seated in the balcony area on a first-come, first-served basis. Access to the arena floor will not be permitted during the ceremony.



Friday, May 11, 2012

6:00 p.m. – Reception

7:00 p.m. – Muskogee Civic Center




CANDIDATES FOR SPRING 2012 GRADUATION. Candidates for graduation are those who have or will have completed ALL requirements for graduation in May 2012 and have been certified by the Registrar. Candidates for graduation must be cleared by the Admissions Office, Financial Aid Office, Library, Business Office and Housing (if applicable) and must complete Outcomes Assessment.


GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS. Herff Jones is our designated vendor for your graduation announcements and thank you notes. They have the graduation announcements for Connors State College in a variety of packages. It is customary for announcements to be sent to family and friends two weeks before commencement. You may write “No gifts, please” at the bottom if you wish.


Orders for Announcements may be placed online with a credit card at

to view the various packages available to announce your accomplishments.




CAP AND GOWN INFORMATION. Each candidate for graduation that indicated that he or she would be participating in the commencement ceremony will be given a keepsake cap, gown and tassel to wear for the commencement ceremony. All graduates are required to wear the academic attire provided by the college through the campus bookstore. Those participating in the ceremony can pick up their cap and gown in the campus bookstores beginning May 1st. Orders are sent to the campus location students listed on the graduation application. Your CSC student ID card is required when picking up your regalia.


HONORS CORDS. A student’s honors designation, if appropriate, will be listed on the permanent academic record (transcript). The list of students eligible for the honors designations will be in the possession of the person(s) issuing the academic attire. Honors designation will be made based on the last academic semester prior to the semester the candidate applies for graduation. Eligible students (Bookstore staff will have the list) may purchase their honor cords in the campus bookstores in Warner/Muskogee between April 25 and May 5. The cost is under $20.00, payable at the Bookstore. Candidates are those that have earned a grade point average of 3.65 or higher. Students will need their CSC student ID card to purchase honor cords.


NAMES IN THE COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM. The names of candidates appearing in the Commencement program will be for those students who had a graduation application submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to the close of business on Monday, March 26, 2012. Any applications received after this date will not be listed in the commencement program.


COMMENCEMENT REHEARSAL. There will be no commencement rehearsal; however, there will be a rehearsal for the ushers and student marshals at the Muskogee Civic Center the morning of commencement. Friday evening, graduates and candidates for graduates are to arrive promptly at 6:00 p.m. and meet in the lobby of the Civic Center. Commencement staff will direct you to the line-up area.


GENERAL INFORMATION. Please arrive at the Civic Center in time to join the commencement line at 6:00 p.m. Faculty will begin their process at 6:30 p.m. We recommend that personal items be left with family members or friends (cell phones, purses, cameras, etc) as we are unable to provide a location to secure these items.


MORTAR BOARDS. (hats) are worn with the tips in a horizontal position—not tilted. Candidates for graduation march with the tassels on the right side of their hats. Males wear hats throughout the ceremony EXECEPT during the Invocation, National Anthem and Benediction. The women do not remove their hats during the ceremony. No signs, symbols, corsages, decorative or other extraneous items are to be attached to the mortarboard or robe. Only official honor cords and collars are to be worn. Please refrain from bringing in flowers, balloons, banners, etc., to the arena floor area.


Graduates will not be seated alphabetically this year. Staff will line students as they arrive.


GRADUATION CEREMONY. A professional photographer will take a photo of the presentation of your diploma cover as you cross the stage, as a service to you and your family. This optional souvenir photo is available for purchase with no obligation on your part. Information concerning the proof and purchase will be available on our website, It is permissible for Commencement guests to photograph proceedings from the upper arena area only and are asked not to block the aisles. Only those participating in the commencement ceremony will be allowed on the arena floor during the program. Family and friends will have an opportunity to take additional pictures after the ceremony in our staging area (outside the arena) after the ceremony. Everyone is invited to join us for the reception, immediately following, in the foyer.


CONFERRING OF DEGREES. After President Faltyn has conferred the degrees, graduates will begin their walk toward the stage to receive their diploma, one row at a time. Upon proceeding to the stage, the student will hand their name card to the reader, Mrs. Beaver. Once the student’s name is called the degree recipient will proceed to the stage, accept the diploma cover with his/her left hand, and shake the President’s hand with his/her right hand. Upon returning to their seats, students will remain standing until the last person in the row has returned, whereupon the entire row may be seated at once. When the program has concluded graduates will follow the student Marshals out of the arena.


PAYMENT OF FEES. Please remember that all financial balances owed to Connors State College must be paid in full. Any additional financial or academic obligations (including outcomes Assessment) must be completed. Neither transcripts nor diplomas will be released until all obligations have been met.

OF SPECIAL NOTE. Participation in the Commencement ceremony does not constitute official graduation from Connors State College. Official clearance of graduation does not occur until all grades have been posted and re-evaluated. Your official record of graduation is the academic transcript.

FINAL GRADES. Final grades are available to all students with clear accounts after May 12. Official transcripts are processed, in writing, or in person through the Office of the Registrar, Warner Campus. The Transcript Request form is available on our website at Unofficial transcripts are available on the website through SIS (Student Information Services). Student with cleared accounts have full accesses to their unofficial transcript via SIS on the web.


Procedures on how to request official transcripts is located online at The standard processing time is 3 to 5 business days. Gradates with outstanding balances and/or holds on their accounts will not receive their diploma/transcript until the hold is satisfied.

POSTING OF DEGREE. Official transcripts with degrees posted for our May graduates will not be available until after June 15.


DIPLOMA. Diplomas are mailed to the address listed on the Graduation Application. Please make sure that the mailing address is correct and allow a minimum of eight weeks after Commencement before making an inquiry about the diploma. Questions concerning diplomas may be directed to the Office of the Registrar at (918) 463-2931.

CONNORS STATE COLLEGE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. Future Alumni, congratulations on your anticipated graduation from Connors State College and welcome to the Connors State College Alumni Association. You are an important part of the College and of the Association. As an alumnus of the College, you play a key role in its further development and improvement, as well as contributions to the experience of current and future students. In return, your Alumni Association works hard to create benefits for you to use and enjoy. As a graduation gift, the Alumni Association is delighted to extend to you a complimentary one-year membership in the Association, making you eligible for the full range of benefits available through the Association. Membership in the CSC Alumni Association is a great opportunity to link you to a powerful network of thousands of alumni worldwide. Again, our congratulations!



Accommodations for mom, dad, and the entire family!

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS. Hotel information in Muskogee. (50 rooms or more)

Comfort Inn

3133 Azalea Park Dr
(918) 682-3724

Fairfield Inn
1650 N 32nd Street
(918) 683-6700

Hampton Inn
3100 Military Blvd
(918) 682-2587

Holiday Inn Express
2701 W Shawnee
918) 687-4224

La Quinta Inn & Suites
3031 Military Blvd

(918) 687-9000

Pets Allowed

Motel 6
903 S. 32nd St. (Hwy 69)
(918) 683-8369
Pets Allowed

Quality Inn

800 S. 32nd St. (Hwy 69)
(918) 682-7400
Pets Allowed for $25 fee.

534 S. 32nd St. (Hwy 69)
(918) 683-2951

Super 8 Motel

2240 S. 32nd Street (Hwy 69)

(918) 683—8888

(Pets allowed for $8 fee)