Financial Aid

Funding Resources for Connors State College Nursing Students

Congratulations on choosing a career in nursing! This is a wonderful profession that is really in demand right now, but it is also very demanding in its educational requirements.  Therefore, several funding resources are available, and you are encouraged to take advantage of as many of them as possible in order to decrease the need to work at a full-time job while attending school.  This information is provided to help you get started searching for appropriate scholarships, grants, and loans.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Explore multiple resources for scholarship offerings.


Tribal agencies Health care organizations
Religious organizations Military services
Professional organizations Civic organizations.
Insurance companies Internet searches

Financial Aid Office

Contact the Connors State College Financial Aid Office at 463-2931 ext. 6310 as soon as possible for information about grants, loans, and work-study programs.  Make an appointment to visit with a financial aid officer about your questions and concerns regarding the financial aid application and available programs.  Please note that the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will need to be submitted between January 1 to March 1 of each year for priority consideration of OTAG and SEOG.  These monies are awarded on a first-come, first-serve, most needy basis.  If you don’t qualify for conventional forms of financial aid, ask for other suggestions, such as SMART TIP (Tuition Installment Plan).  Respond promptly to all financial aid office requests.

Office of Advisment & Student Admissions

Obtain a Regents’ Scholarship Application from the Office of Advisement & Student Admissions in the Education Building.  The priority application deadline is March 1 of each year.  Information about additional scholarships is listed on the back of the Regents’ Scholarship Application.

CSC Development Foundation

Click on above heading to obtain further information and applications for scholarships.

Muskogee Difference Healthcare Scholarship

Click on above heading to obtain further information and applications for scholarship.

Jeltz Scholarship Foundation

The Foundation provides scholarships for minority students to pay college related expenses such as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, loan repayment, etc.  To be eligible a student must be enrolled full-time in an Oklahoma accredited college and have earned thirty (30) credit hours, with an accumulative grade point average of at least 2.9.  Financial need and good character are also criteria to be considered.

Scholarships are awarded annually in early February and October; application deadlines are December 20th and August 15th.  Applicants are notified in January or September as to their selection status.  The Financial Aid Officer at a recipient’s college will be notified.

               Jeltz Scholarship Foundation 
                P.O. Box 36575
Oklahoma City, OK  73136 

Application forms are also available at the Financial Aid Office.

Physician Manpower Training Commission

      This is a state supported financial assistance program for nursing students from Oklahoma.  The applicant must be a legal resident of Oklahoma, a citizen of the United States, and must have been unconditionally admitted as a student in an accredited program of nursing study.  Students in associate degree nursing programs are eligible for up to $1,500.00 per year, with an obligation to work in an Oklahoma medical facility for one year for each academic year of financial assistance.  The application deadline is June 30.  Applications can be obtained in the CSC Nursing Department, or contact:

Michelle Cecil
Physician Manpower Training Commission
5500 N. Western Avenue, Suite 201 
Oklahoma City, OK  73118-4022 
(405) 843-5667 

Workforce Investment Act

  • Eastern Workforce Investment Area (918) 682-3364

  • Kiamichi Economic Development District (918) 465-2367

  • Muskogee Creek Nation WIA Training 756-8700 or 1-800-482-1979

  • Cherokee County (918) 456-2561

  • Adair County (918) 696-6608

  • Sequoyah County (918) 775-2532

      Please give us feedback on your successes.  We would appreciate hearing of other scholarship offerings that you find, as well as knowing if any of the resources listed are no longer viable.  If we can be of any assistance to you, call us at (918) 684-5436, send a FAX to (918) 781-5471, or e-mail:  We will be happy to help.