Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Division offers a wide variety of degrees at Connors. History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology departments offers degrees that prepare students for transfer into bachelor’s degree programs. The Child Development Department guides students toward a professional career to meet the specific needs of children, youth, and families. Finally, Connors offers the Criminal Justice and Police Science option for students interested in corrections and law enforcement.


The Social Sciences Division offers associate degrees that prepare graduates for transfer as juniors into bachelor’s degree programs at other colleges and universities. In addition, the Division has associate and certificate programs which are designed for immediate employment in the field.

Available Degrees/Certificates  

AA Child Development
AA History
AA Pre-Law
AA Psychology
AA Sociology (Criminal Justice / Police Science)
AA Sociology (Pre-Social Work)
AA Sociology (Pre-Professional Sociology)
CM Certificate of Mastery Child Development
CA Certificate of Achievement Child Development 

Contact Information
Andrew Gaber
Division Chair, Social Sciences
Connors State College
700 College Road
Warner, OK 74469