Download and install the SCT Client Software.

Version 4.0Version 4.2Version 4.3Version 4.4Version 4.5

After Installing and launching the program, you will have to create the connection session the first time by clicking on the New… button on the connect dialog.
Enter the name for the connection. This can be anything you like but we usually just set it to the name of the server were connecting to. Type mvs.okstate.eduinto the blank(1) and click OK(2)
The next screen we will have to type the name of the server we want to connect to in the Host name field. Type mvs.okstate.eduinto the blank (1) and then click on Security to the left (2)
Once you are on the security screen, clear the checkbox labeled Enable Secure Connection(1) then, if you plan to print to a color printer only, you are finished. Click OK(3) and connect to SCT. If you plan to print to black and white printer or do not wish to print in color on your color printer, Click on Printer to the left and skip step 3 for now.
If you print a color SCT screen to a black and white printer, some of the text will appear in light gray and be difficult or impossible to photocopy. To prevent SCT from printing your text in shades of gray or in color changed the dot in Colour Options to Black & White(1) and Click OK and connect to SCT.