Interlibrary Loan

Click Here for the WARNER Campus ILL Request Form

Contact for the Warner Campus is; 918-463-6210

Click Here for the MUSKOGEE Campus ILL Request Form

Contact for the Muskogee Campus is; 918-684-5408

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary Loan is used when needed materials are unavailable in the Warner or Muskogee-Port campus libraries’ collections. ILL is the process in which our library requests from, or supplies materials to, another library. This may entail borrowing material in print form or sending articles through the internet via a secure delivery process.  You must be a student, faculty or staff personnel with Connors State College and use a Connors State College e-mail address in order to submit an ILL request. You must also have a library account before your request can be processed.

How do I submit a request?

First, check our catalog to verify neither Connors State College Library holds the item. We are unable to fill requests for materials we own even if the material is checked out. You may then come into the library to fill out an ILL request, call the library to have the staff fill out the request, or follow the appropriate link above to complete an online form. Please be sure to click on the link regarding the appropriate campus for you. ILL’s for print materials requested with the Warner campus link will be delivered to the Warner campus library and ILL’s requested with the Muskogee campus link will be delivered to the Muskogee campus library. There may be times we are unable to successfully borrow the material requested so start your research early.

Who is eligible to use ILL?

Current faculty, staff, and students of Connors State College from the Warner, Muskogee-West, and Port campuses. You must have a Connors State College e-mail address in order to submit an ILL request using an online form. You must also have a library account. If you do not have a Connors State College e-mail or a library account you must contact the library directly. Warner campus: 918-463-6210/Muskogee-West or Port campus 918-684-5408.

How long does ILL take?

All efforts will be made to process ILL requests in a timely manner. Articles typically arrive within 24-48 hours, while books may take as long as 7-10 business days to arrive. Delivery time depends on several factors including processing, mail, and delivery methods. Be sure to begin your research early to increase your chances of receiving needed materials in time for your use.

What materials can be requested?

Print books and copies of journal articles may be requested through ILL. The success of article requests depends upon licensing restrictions so not all articles may be available for ILL and entire journal volumes or issues are not available for loan due to copyright restrictions. Audio-visual and multimedia materials (DVD’s, CD’s, etc.) and textbooks typically are not available for loan.

How much does it cost?

Typically the ILL request transaction is fulfilled free of charge. If books are lost or damaged, you will be charged for what the lending library charges and the charge will go onto your business account.

How will my ILL material be delivered?

In general, articles will be delivered by e-mail and have restrictions such as availability for a limited amount of time so be sure to print or save the article in a timely fashion once received to avoid having to request it again. In all other cases, your material may be picked up at the circulation desks at either the Westbrook Library on the Warner campus or the CSC-NSUM Library on the Muskogee-West campus. It is possible for Port patrons to have theirs delivered when the librarian is in attendance on Wednesdays during the semester.

How do I return my material and how long may I keep it?

You may return the requested material to any circulation desk located at the Warner or Muskogee-West campuses and the material must be returned on or before the due date. We also have a library book drop container or dropbox on each campus. The Westbrook Library in Warner has one outside its front door, the Muskogee-West campus dropbox is located in the walkway from the parking lot to the Administration Building, and the Muskogee Port campus dropbox is located inside the south door at the main student entrance. Returning materials before the due date will allow sufficient time to return the material to the lending library and avoid overdue charges.