Former Student Displays Art Show at CSC Library

Linda Havellana, reading specialist for Connors State College, was all smiles as she spoke about her daughter, Laura Coopers artistic talent. “Laura has been an illustrator ever since I can remember. I recall coming home one day and she had gone through an entire ream of paper and each piece had a little squirly circle on it. She was such a perfectionist that she kept throwing the pieces of paper out until that circle was perfect. It looked like it had snowed in my living room” Havellana gives Laura’s talent to her grandmas on both side of the family. Each grandma subtly would coach Laura, but around twelve years old, Linda’s mother said “She’s now better than I am.”


Cooper attended Connors State College concurrently before attending Harding University and majoring in Art. Her senior art show was displayed and on sale at the Carl O. Westbrook Library in Warner. Many of pieces sold over the past month. Laura is excited to be graduated and ready to start doing what she loves, “I have illustrated three children’s books, two are published and one is self-published.

I am working on a couple currently, but am preparing to leave for China in August.”


Laura donated this piece of art to the Checotah Public Library

Cooper will be teaching English classes in China for 10 months. “I will have lots of time to draw and paint so I will have a bunch of paintings done by the time I return. Laura has been praised on her dynamic ability. Children’s books are definitely one of her favorite illustrations, but her ability spreads to still life, abstract and many others. She also has used various types of medias, such as oil, pastel, acrylic and many more.

A piece of Cooper’s work was recently donated to the Jim Lucas Public Library in Checotah.