Former Cowboys Return to Campus for Alumni Reception

Twenty-four former players and coaches returned to Connors State College on Saturday, Feb. 4 to and were recognized at halftime of the Cowboys and Arkansas Baptist game at Melvin Self Field House by CSC President Dr. Tim Faltyn.

The group recalled their playing days for the Cowboys and renewed friendship at a reception before the game, where Athletic Director and Head Coach Bill Muse addressed the alumni and welcomed them back to Warner.

“I believe everyone enjoyed the day, recalling their playing days and meeting with this year’s team,” said Muse. “They all were talking about the changes at Connors. We hope to make this an annual event for our former players and coaches,” said Muse.

Those attending (player unless noted) were Lloyd Jerrigan, 1946-48; Jack Ogle, 1946-48; Bill Shahan, 1950-52; Harold Cagle, 1954-56; Coach Pete Cage, 1968-69; Charles Davis, 1962-64; Leon Dixon, 1956-58; James Cagle, 1957-59; Luther Martin, 1960-62;  announcer Jim Kizzia, 1960-70; Nick Ditolla, 1962-63; Les Johnson, 1962-63; Bruce Shropshire, 1962-63; Coach Ed Hardeman, 1973-78; Winfred McDade, 1985-87; Anthony Jones, 1986-87; Bruce Williams 1987-88; Coach Ed Stepp, 1987-91; Reggie Tinch, 1989-91; Coach Mike Kelley, 1993-98; Clifford Marshall, 1993-95; Prince Barnes, 1996-97 and John Woods, 1996-97.

President of Connors State College, Dr. Tim Faltyn addressed the former basketball alumni at the recent reception.