Distinguished Student Receives Scholarship

Connors State College sophomore, Bria Hatton was awarded the Wyatt F. and Mattie M. Jeltz Scholarship. The award was presented by Foundation Chairman, Dr.  James Mosley, but before presenting the check to Hatton, Dr. Mosley visited with Hatton about the history and meaning behind the scholarship.  “Jeltz wanted to make a difference,” said Mosley.  Mr. and Mrs. Jeltz were black Oklahomans who devoted their lives to education, employment opportunities and community service. They were interested in assisting young people, particularly Black-Americans, to acquire an education and a better life. The applicant criteria put forth by the Jeltz Foundation includes:  a 2.8 GPA, the student must be at least a sophomore, and someone who displays good personal character.  “We call faculty members and ask them about the scholarship applicants before awarding the scholarship,” commented Mosley. “The communication with the faculty gives us a feel that the applicant is displaying good character in the academic setting.”  Hatton will receive $900 per year as long as she remains in good standing with the requested requirements. Hatton remains actively involved at Connors with participation in Student Government Association (SGA) as the Vice President, the Northeastern Director of SGA, numerous Baptist Collegiate Ministry’s activities, Math and Science Club and serves as a tutor as well as a work study in the admissions office. “I applied for many scholarships and never thought I was going to get one, but when the Jeltz foundation called and said I got this one, I was ecstatic. I am honored to receive this scholarship.”

Hatton is a transfer student from Tulsa Community College and finishing out her sophomore year at Connors State College before she applies to the Registered Nurse Program at Connors. “I started looking at the different nursing programs, and Connors had one of the best programs in the state with high pass scores and smaller nursing classes, so I knew I wanted to try and get in here.” Hatton is happy with her move to Connors, “the most difficult thing was the transition to a different school where I didn’t know anyone, but I enjoy the people, the staff and faculty are helpful, and the small class sizes are great.”

The Jeltz Foundation normally awards 12 to 15 scholarships a year. An application can be picked up in the Financial Aid office.