Cowboy Mail Setup Instructions for iPhone Mail

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and tap “Passwords and Accounts” to configure your email account.

iOS/iPhone Setttings menu

2. Tap “Add Account” and then select “Microsoft Exchange”

iOS/iPhone Passwords & Accounts menu - Add AccountiOS/iPhone Passwords & Accounts menu - Tap "Microsoft Exchange"

3. Enter your email address and Description of the account (this is what you want to call the account, it can be left blank if you choose) and tap “Next”

iPhone/iOS Add Exchange Account menu

4. Under “Sign in to your ‘’ Exchange account using Microsoft?”, tap “Sign In”

iOS confirm exchange account sign in prompt

5. Enter your password, and select Sign in

OSU Authentication page - Password entry

6. MFA users: If you use MFA, you will be prompted to use Duo verification. If you use push verification, you will need to push the Login Request to verify.

Duo "Send me a push" menu

7. Duo users: Accept the login request.

Duo app - Approve Login

8. You will now be asked if you’d like to save this password to your iCloud Keychain. Select your decision or tap Not Now if you’d like to move on for now.

Save Password to iCloud Keychain prompt

9. Select “Accept” to allow iOS Accounts to:  Access your mailboxes, sign you in, and read your profile.

Accept permissions for iOS accounts

10. You will now have the options to sync your Email Account with various apps on your device. Select the ones you want to use, and tap Save.

OSU Email Account Sync SettingsOSU Email Account Sync Settings

11. You can now use your Email Account on your iPhone or iPad.