The move to Muskogee West

Connors State College’s move from the Charles Haskell Building in Muskogee (201 Court St.) to its new Muskogee West campus (2400 W. Shawnee Bypass) was completed the 19th of December and up-and-running for its 1,300 students. The transition from the eight-story downtown building to the new two-building facility went very smooth according to Rhoda Strode, director of CSC Muskogee Branch campuses. Strode said “We received a lot of help from the Warner campus with the move and everyone had a wonderful attitude” adding that “everyone pulled together” as a team to make the move a success. The largest task in making the move was the library and bookstore. The move was made much easier with the assistance of a moving company who moved more than over 630 boxes in one day according to Strode. “When we actually moved from downtown to Connors West it was done in two hours. The desks and computers were already set up and the staff just boxed upped what they needed to do business.” She added “The move was very quick and that afternoon we were serving students the same day they moved. Many, many people worked to make that happen. It was tremendous. The Information Technology Department was amazing. Without their great support it couldn’t have happened,” said Strode. Strode said it will be a much more comfortable environment for the students and staff. “Now the students are not going up eight floors, but between two buildings. Some of the students are afraid they are going to get lost. We are telling them it’s simpler. “But they like it. Everything is new, especially when they walk into the bookstore,” said Strode.

The downtown campus officially closed on January 3 with the new facility opening the same day. Margaret Rigney, director of the CSC library and learning center had the difficult task of making sure that 5,000-6000 volumes of books were unshelved and reshelved at the new library.

Students fill the new Muskogee West Bookstore

“It was definitely a cooperative effort and venture,” According to Strode, “The library was the pacesetter in the move, They were the leaders in packing materials. It was huge.” The CSC library will share its new space with the NSU-Muskogee library, which has moved from the campus administration building. The NSU-Muskogee bookstore is also sharing space with the relocated CSC bookstore. Strode said there has been tremendous cooperation between Northeastern State and Connors State.  “They have made us feel so welcome”