Connors State College Becomes Tobacco-Free

On February 6, 2012, as part of Gov. Mary Fallin’s initiative to improve the health of Oklahoma’s she issued an Executive Order prohibiting the use of all tobacco products in buildings, land and vehicles owned, leased or contracted for use by Oklahoma state agencies or institutions of the State of Okla., this ban includes Connors State College. The ban of tobacco use on Connors State College property went into effect on July 1, 2012.

To comply with this executive order, officials at Connors formed a committee that developed an institutional policy and a plan for implementing the ban of tobacco use.

The campus boundaries have been established with the construction of pillars and signage has been placed around campus to serve as a reminder for students, faculty, staff and visitors of the change.  Campus police will be responsible for enforcing the executive order on Connors State College property. To help tobacco user’s transition to the ban of tobacco use, information about tobacco cessation for state employees is available around campus as well as the human resources office.

Visit for more information about Gov. Fallin’s executive order.