Bull Test Letter

2020 – 2021 CSC Bull Tests

The tests are open to all recognized beef brands. The bulls will be fed a complete growing-finishing ration designed to allow maximum growth, but not intended to over-finish fast gaining bulls. Course grass hay will also be available to the bulls throughout the test. Progress reports will be mailed following the 56, 84, and 112 day weights.

The Connors State College (CSC) Bull Test was initiated by Agriculture Instructor Robert Hodges in 1961. The bull sale was a victim of the severe crash in the cattle market in the early 1970s and was discontinued in 1974. In 1977, Gary Harding was hired to lead the Agriculture Department and restart the bull testing program. The 1977 test and sale consisted of only 26 bulls. The second test under Harding’s guidance included 45 bulls but there was an ice storm the day of the sale and the auctioneer, Col. Holland Jester wrecked his car on the way to the sale. CSC began conducting two tests and sales annually beginning in 1979. Col. Bruce Brooks of Marietta, OK has sold every sale since.


The Connors State College Bull Test Station meets the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) definition as a central bull test
station as a facility where bulls from different herds are assembled to evaluate performance under uniform conditions.
Specifically, the CSC Bull Test Station functions to:

  • Evaluate bulls for post weaning performance.
  • Educate seedstock producers and commercial cattlemen about the value and utilization of performance records and
    expected progeny differences (EPDs).
  • Provide a source of and market for performance tested bulls.
  • Provide an opportunity for new breeders to introduce their breeding programs to potential customers.

The Bull Testing and Sale Facility is located on the campus of Connors State College in Warner, OK.

General Description
Both Fall and Spring test are 112 days in length. The bulls will be fed a complete growing/finishing ration free choice designed to allow for maximum growth, but not intended to over finish fast gaining bulls. Course grass/hay will also be available to the bulls throughout the test. The bulls will be weighed every 28 days.

Bull Test Capacity
Optimal capacity of the current facilities is 96 bulls; therefore, all bulls must be pre-entered. The Test Management reserves the right to limit the number of entries per consignor in the event the number of pre-entries exceeds capacity. Consideration will be given to breeders who routinely test bulls at Connors State College.

Requirements for Entry
The tests are open to all recognized beef breeds and composites.

  • Ages
    • Bulls nominated for the Fall 2020 Test should be born in September, October and November of 2019
    • Bulls nominated for the Spring 2021 Test should be born in January, February and March 2020.
  • Nomination for Entry
    Due to space limitations, all bulls must be nominated in advance of each respective test. Nomination
    forms should be mailed to: Connors State College, ATTN: Bull Test Director, 700 College Rd, Warner, OK 74469.
  • A completed W9 Form should be included if one is not on file.
  • Registration Status
    • Breeders are encouraged to register their bulls and obtain EPD information as early as possible. Bulls
      without verified registration will be sold as Commercial bulls.
  • Quality
    • It is highly recommended that breeders select bulls that are structurally sound for consignment.
  • Size
    • Bulls should weigh at least 650 lbs. at the start of the test.
  • Health Requirements
    • An official health certificate that confirms bulls meet all state and federal health requirements for
      transporting to the test station is required to unload bulls.
    • All bulls must be tested and confirmed negative for BVD persistent infection (PI) to be eligible for test.
      Bulls without proper verification upon delivery will be assessed a $40 charge, quarantined, tested and
      confirmed negative before being assigned to a pen.
    • Veterinarian confirmation of vaccination program including a list of specific products used. Bulls should be vaccinated for the following antigens at least three weeks prior to delivery:
      •  PI3 (Parainfluenza)
      • BRRSV (Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
      • IBR  (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis)
      • BVD types 1&2 (Bovine Viral Diarrhea)
      • Leptospira Interrogans
      • Colstridium
      • Mannheimia Haemolytica
      • Pasteurella Mutocida
      • Campylobacter fetus
    • Test management reserves the right to refuse any bulls with warts, ringworm and/or mange.
    • Bulls should be dewormed and treated for grubs and lice prior to delivery.
    • Horned bulls should be dehorned and healed or have their horns tipped prior to delivery.
    • It is recommended that hairy bulls entered into the fall test are slick sheered prior to arrival.
    • All bulls must have a legible tattoo.
    • Wild and/or unmanageable bulls will be removed from or not accepted for the test.

General Considerations/Liability

Connors State College and its personnel have no obligation or responsibility to produce casualty insurance on the test bulls. Owners should acquire insurance prior to delivery to test if they so desire. Connors State
College and its personnel assumes no risk or liability or any animal consigned and is not responsible for loss or injury of any bulls due to sickness, death, injury, fire, theft or any other cause. State and Federal regulations will be followed.

Requirements for Sale
All bulls meeting or exceeding the following criteria will be eligible for the sale:

  • Performance Requirements
    • Index – The sum of the 112-Day Average Daily Gain (ADG) ratio and the Weight per Day of Age (WDA). Ratio is at least 180 within the appropriate contemporary group.
  • Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE)
    • A qualified veterinarian will be retained to evaluate bulls for reproductive soundness at the end of the test utilizing the guidelines established by the Society for Theriogenology. Bulls failing BSE will be eliminated for the sale. Bulls may be rechecked at a later date prior to the sale by the CSC Bull Test Veterinarian at the owners request and expense.
  • Disposition
    • Wild or unmanageable bulls will not be sold.


  • Pen Fee – The pen fee for every bull accepted into the test is $185/hd. This fee helps defray the cost of operations and maintenance.
  • Feed Costs – Bulls will be penned as uniformly as possible. Total feed will be recorded and each bull will be charged a pro-rated share.
  • Veterinary Cost – Special veterinary services and drugs for individual bulls will be charged to the breeder at cost. Veterinary services required as special precautionary measures for the welfare of all animals will be prorated on a fair and equitable basis.
  • Breeding Soundness Exam
  • Ultrasound Scan for back fat, rib eye area and intramuscular fat
  • Sales Cost – Sales expenses include advertising, auctioneer, ring help, catalog, mailings and sale day labor, etc. will be incurred by all bulls in the sale. Sales expenses will be prorated per bull based on the number of bulls cataloged for the sale.
  • Consigners of bulls not eligible for the sale are responsible for all costs except sales expense. In case a bull dies or is removed from the test, the owner is responsible for all costs incurred.

Terms and Conditions of the Sale

  • Any changes from information of any kind from the sale catalog will be announced from the box, and such announcements shall take precedence.
  • Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • The auctioneer in charge will settle any dispute as to bids, and his decision on such matters shall be final.
  • Each animal will be at the purchasers risk as soon as sold, but it shall be the obligation of the consignor to see that his animals are fed and cared for free of charge to the purchaser until delivery to him or until the expiration of 48 hours following the sale, whichever occurs sooner.
  • BREEDING GUARANTEE: All bulls sold are guaranteed by the seller to be breeders if properly cared for. Any bull that settles at least one/third of the healthy cows he breeds will be considered a breeder. The breeding soundness evaluation is not a guarantee of the bulls fertility or breeding ability; it is an estimation of the bulls breeding potential as of the date of the breeding soundness evaluation. Any bull found to be a non-breeder may be returned to the farm of the seller at the buyers expense and, if in good condition and complying with the health requirements of the sellers state, shall entitle the buyer to a satisfactory adjustment. In the case a bull is claimed to be a non-breeder, the seller shall be entitled to six months following the return of the animal in which to demonstrate that he is a breeder.
  • CLAIMS FOR REFUNDS OR ADJUSTMENTS: All claims for adjustment or refund for any reason must be made in writing to the seller within six months of the sale date or within three months after the animal sold reaches the age of 18 months, whichever occurs latter. The return of the full purchase price will, in any case, be deemed full satisfaction and settlement.
  • TERMS OF THE SALE ARE CASH. Settlement is to be made immediately following completion of the sale before movement of the bulls from the facility. All checks shall be made payable to the Connors State College Bull Sale.
  • The above guarantees and terms of sale shall constitute a contract between the buyer and seller of each lot and shall be equally binding upon both. Each sale or resale of an animal constitutes a separate transaction.
  • All persons attending this sale do so at their own risk. Neither Connors State College, nor any other person connected with the management of the sale assumes liability, legal or otherwise, for the safety of the building, or for the premises, or for the behavior of the bulls.

Important Dates to Remember

Fall Test Spring Test
Birth dates September 1 – November 30, 2015 January 1 – March 30, 2016
Entries Due (all bulls must be pre-entered) June   10, 2016 Oct.    28, 2016
Receive Bulls July    4-8, 2016 Dec.     3, 2016
Official Start July     21, 2016 Dec.   8, 2016
56 Day Weight Sept . 15, 2016 Feb.    2 , 2017
84 Day Weight Oct.    13, 2016 Mar.     3, 2017
112 Day Final Weight Nov.   10, 2016 Mar.   30, 2017
Sale Day Dec.    1, 2016 April  13, 2017

 To print off a full version of the History and Rules of the Connors State Bull Sale, Click Here!


**For General Test Questions Please Contact Ron or Roger:

Ron Ramming (918) 869-7573

Roger Morton (918) 557-4560 


**For Bull Health Questions Please Contact Dr. Fenton:

Dr. Kevin Fenton (918) 448-0627