Natural Resource Ecology & Management

Natural Resource Ecology & Management
The Natural Resources option unites concepts from engineering and biology in the design and analysis of systems that protect and sustain the quantity and quality of water, soil, and other natural resources. Hydrology, storm water management, environmental protection, environmental remediation, water quality, erosion control, water treatment systems, irrigation, and water resources production and development are examples of career pursuits.
Courses Include:
Botany, Zoology, Agriculture in the Environment, Introduction to Natural Resources, Natural Resources and Ecology Management, Entomology, Introduction to Soil Science, Introduction to Plant Science.

Career Opportunities
Fisheries Forestry
Aquaculturist Consultant, specializing in timber and land appraisals
Conservation officer Industrial research
Fish Biologist Forestry extension agent
Fisheries Administrator/programs coordinator Forest Pathologist
Fisheries extension agent Land Manager
Fisheries manager Land and timber acquisition
Fisheries Researcher Promoting the use of forest products
Range Wildlife
Field botanist Biological technician
Rangeland conservationist Conservation officer/game warden
Range extension agent Ecologist
Ranch Manager Mammalogist
Refuge/preserve manager Ornithologist
Restoration ecologist Wetland scientist
Wildlife biologist
Wildlife habitat manager
Wildlife rehabilitator
Zoo biologist

Student Opportunities
Shotgun Shooting Sports Club

  • The CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Club is one of the most active clubs on campus, hosting weekly 5-stand or trap and skeet shoots open to all club members and guests. The club includes students, faculty and staff, and is very active in fundraising and FFA/4H shooting events. Participants in the club have an opportunity to learn six separate shooting sports, including: International Skeet and Trap, American Skeet and Trap, Five-Stand, and Sporting Clays.
  • Many four-year schools within the state offer shooting sports clubs for CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Members to continue their pursuit of competitive shooting as they continue their education. Schools with shooting sports clubs in the state include OSU, OU, and TU.

Shotgun Shooting Sports Team

  • The CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Team is composed of the best shooters from the Shooting Sports Club. Team members travel to multiple ACUI shooting competitions (listed below) throughout the region each semester.
  • Ten scholarships will be available each semester for those students that qualify.

Degree Plan
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